Hello, Everyone and welcome to my blog. This is my very first one and it’s like I’m standing in front of a group of people giving a speech(lol) if anyone knows what that feels like, I’m sure, Anyhow I am a work-at-home wife and mother. This blog is going to be about helping others in any way that I can. I encourage you to post submissions as well!!! This is a place where we can learn and grow from others so feel free to comment on whatever you like. The reason for this blog, well coming into this year GOD has placed upon me to start a women’s ministry…..um, I don’t know what that’s about and I don’t think I will ever know. Since then he has given me a name which is Living on Purpose and he has also given me ideas and wonderful things to do in this ministry… So, whatever GOD places upon my heart to share I will be sharing and I pray that it reaches whomever it needs to. I do not have it all together and I will make mistakes so forgive me now… I am going to be full-filling his purposes for my life in this ministry only with the leading of the Holy Spirit because I can’t do anything without him. So I pray that whatever I post helps you as the reader!!!

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