Hello, Everyone!!!!

I haven’t been here for awhile, so I decided to come back today to post a random blog. The lord has been dealing with me to get every area of my life together. This is including finances, education, spiritually, emotionally and whatever else you can think of.  This has challenged me to take a deeper look at where I stand in life. So looking in the mirror, I found that alot of the reason’s I’m in bondage in alot of areas is because of the decisions I’ve made. Now I have to find ways to get myself out of this situations. I decided to do things a little different and to take it one step at a time. March is the month for me to study and to focus on my finances and I would like to challegne to to embark on this journey with me. My model is the proverbs 31. I read that passage of scripture today and she was a wise woman and I believe we can learn alot from her and be on our way to financial freedom.

Books I recommend

Women take charge of your Money (A biblical Path to Financial Security) By Carolyn Castleberry

Women and Money Owning the power to control your destiny By Suze Orman

Also you may want to take a look at getting the approved card by Suze Orman


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