Hello, Everyone

I have stepped away from facebook and from taking phone calls because I was going through some things and I needed anwsers, another reason is in January the lord pressed upon me to start a fast for 30 days, during this time the lord has brought my husband and I closer to one another. This past weekend my husband and I were able to go out of town without our children, I love all five of my children but, since we became ONE we have never had alone time and we’ve been married for three years so, over this weekend we were blessed to attend the “Sweeten your Marriage” retreat in Topeka,KS, and I will tell you it was one of the most awesome experiences ever, this past weekend has been the best for US. God has allowed some healing to take place in the both of us and also some forgiveness to take place. Our eyes were opened up to where we fell short and where we need to pick up the slack. I am realizing with this time away from facebook that I have more time to do just the small things that will help my marriage, spending quality time is very important in any marriage I don’t care how long you’ve been married TIME is crucial. My husband and I were able to eat, sleep, walk the mall without any interruptions and it was well needed! Just getting away from it all has allowed me to have a CONVERSATION with my husband, I didn’t have the worries of cleaning my house, changing a diaper or cooking a meal and I really enjoyed it. In life we have alot of things that can distract us from the most important things in life and sometimes getting away from it away will help you to get things in proper prospective. Relationships are very dear to our heavenly father especially the one we have with him. Taking a step away from facebook, checking emails every chance you get, friends, phone calls, whatever it maybe to get things in proper order, God doesn’t want us to neglect the very things he blessed us with for the sake of our businesses, our social networking sites, Even when it comes to our first most important relationship with our heavenly father, trying to fit him in amist all the other things in life will not work GOD has to come first!!


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